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The Delight in Healthy Living

Health Based Learning Retreats

Rooted in the Science of Traditional ChineseMedicine but brimming with wellness fun.


Delight of Healthy Living Retreat
April 25-28, 2024

A 3 night, 4 day retreat where we will explore healthy living. There will be lectures, activities, acupuncture, and meditation daily where we will focus on wellness through learning, eating, moving, playing, and present living.  Leading a life rooted in wholeness doesn't have to suck.


This is our first retreat and we will have a one time introductory price of $550 a person and that includes all meals, shared accommodations (2 to a room) and all lessons, activities, and acupuncture. There are also numerous saunas, a hottub, fire pits, and loads of hiking trails on site at the delightful Heartwood Retreat Center in beautiful Blue Ridge, GA


About Us

Susan Fox and Jackie Wilson graduated from

Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in 2014

and have been besties ever since. Look below for stats on us individually

Susan Fox

Susan Fox is a Chinese Medicine Practitioner living and working in Chattanooga, Tn at her clinic, Hill City Acupuncture. Prior to that she was working in Nanjing China at TCM Municipal Hospital and Jiangsu Provincial Hospital.

She is a licensed Qigong instructor from the Ling Gui School. She has studied Thai and Chinese Herbalism in their respective countries and possesses a 2nd degree reiki certificate from William Lee Brand School. She also has a second career as a visual artist and shows all over the country, making work that is profoundly affected by meditation.


Jackie Wilson

Jackie Wilson is a licensed acupuncturist who owns her own clinic in Milwaukee, WI.  She earned a degree in Ethics of Healthcare at Marquette University and received her Masters from Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. In addition to this she was trained under Dr. Tim Suh and earned her RYT-200 in Sivananda yoga. Jackie also worked as a wellness coordinator at The Rosenthal Clinic where she was trained in functional medicine and learned how to facilitate a a multi-disciplined approach to healthcare.  Before opening her own practice, Whole Health Wisconsin, she interned at the Diamond Headache Clinic at St. Joseph's hospital in Chicago.  Jackie has a passion for empowering her patients with the knowledge and skills to optimize their own health.



contact Susan via phone or email for payment and or more information

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